Thursday, May 29, 2008

Elsewhere Mix

Wow i must really be on the westcoast's jock lately, but who cares - they keep informing me of dope shit. When i was in Vancouver i was fortunate enough to play this night alongside Ali Shaheed Mohammed & the homey Flipout. The night went off, and we played amazing music all night. This mix is an example of what went down, and what usually goes down when Hedspin, La-La & Flipout get together. If you're ever in Vancity on a Sunday evening than you know whats up . Hey look they even play my Roz Bell remix on there too!!!!

La-La & Flipout - Elsewhere Mix

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Truth Shall Be Told

After not posting my last joint due to pure laziness, i return with another Truth Radio Show for y'all. Im pretty pleased with this one. Anytime i can play "Don't Scandalize Mine" on major radio - its a good day!!!!! Enjoy!

Dj Illo - Truth Radio Show 05.24.08

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blog Check - It Takes A Nation Of Millions........

After being out west this past week, i was fortunate enough to be put onto an amazing new source of music, comedy, and other random bullshit. This blog also wins "best new blog name" at The Stylus Awards this year - It Takes A Nations Of Millions To Hold This Sac!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ed note - Do the Stylus Awards even know about blogs????). Ran by two of Vancouvers finest - J-Swing & Flipout - this site looks like it'll be one of the best for new music and information. Seeing as both these guys work for commercial radio, yet also have their hands in the street, they should be up on whats good. Add this to your bookmarks, check the hilarious videos, and leave a comment to say wassup.

It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold This Sac Blog

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Haul & Mason VS Dj Illo & Jr Flo

The good homies Haul & Mason have invited Dj Illo & Jr Flo to come battle them on 4 turntables this weekend in beautiful Santa Monica California. The night is called Quality, and the music appears to be exactly the same. Good hiphop, funk, breaks, and dance music! For those of you not familiar with H&M, you need to get their Scion Live mix cd - its bananas. Heres a little sample of what they're capable of. Also hit them up on their myspace and say thanks for hollering at us Canadians!!!

Haul & Mason - Queen vs Fela Kuti (Direct Link)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dilla & Kanye

This has been going around the blog world for the last couple of days. I'm a huge Dilla fan so I had to post it!
This track is from that unreleased J-Dilla album that MCA records is holding on to. Thanks to Kanye and others this album's tracks are slowly leaking out to the Dilla fans and music lovers...
J Dilla - Pay Jay (prod. Kanye West)