Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Music Talking is the new Stardust???

WOW! I was completely blown away by this when i first heard it. The first thing that came into my mind is that this is definitely the new Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You! Now that might be a bit of an overstatement for some, but im still listening to this song in my itunes twice a day, and with the right push, you'll be hearing it in the clubs twice a night too!

Heres the 192 VBR, but you can easily buy the higher bitrate from both Strictly Rhythm & Defected online. I did, and you should too! Please support this song so we can hear dance music like this in the clubs more often.

Roland Clark & The Montanas - Music Talking (Fred Falke Rmx)
The homegirl Nina Mendoza put us on to a little feature the National Post did on Stylusts extended family member Scratch Bastid. Its a little interview / soundcheck as they like to call it. Paul didnt mention us in his favorite djs list, and because of that, will receive sufficient caning at my bday party @ Babylon August 21st. Check back next week for the flyer and more info.

Check the writeup in National post here

BONUS - Here's my contribution. A nice simple yet effective little blend Bastid did lately. The New Workout Plan!

And be sure to check out Nina's page here. You know shes always good for a laugh (and maybe some music too!!!!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Closer ft Cashtro (Illo & Booman Rmx)

My homey Cashtro aka Cashtro Crosby sent me a remix of "Closer" the other day, and basically in the rap mixtape game that means you spit your own verse over the original track and its a wrap. Well i couldnt leave my man hanging, so i threw together a club remix of Ne-Yo's joint and put his verse in the right spot. This was all done in about an hour or so. I actually wanted to do a remix when I first heard the original track, but Dj Booman from Baltimore already handled that proper, so i figured why bother. Anyways, heres both versions for y'all to get jiggy in the club with.

Ne-Yo ft Cashtro - Closer (Illo Club Rmx)

Ne-Yo - Closer (Dj Booman Club Rmx)

Check out my homey Cashtro here.

Check out the homey Dj Booman here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

RIP K Swift

It was truly saddening to wake up this morning to the emails of news that one of CLUB music's true legends had passed away in an accident yesterday. For those of you who arent familiar with Swift, she was Baltimore's pride and joy, and one of the greatest female djs of all time. Not only was she a dj, but she was a radio host, show programmer, record pool & label owner, manager, and much much more! She was a member of The Violater Dj's, The Murda Mamis, Unruly Ent, and easily one of the most respected djs i have ever heard others talking about. You can believe she was the first and maybe only dj on Violater (male or female) & M.M. playing TRUE CLUB music. I remember disovering Bmore Club a few years back and she was the one with the mixes i studied to find out about these old house records. Her radio shows had so many exclusives ive still never heard anywhere else, and her website and mixtape game were hella on point.

She was the same age as me, and as a father, i can only imagine what the Unruly fam must be feeling right now!

Lots of Love & Support from The Stylusts goes out to the Unruly fam and to all of Baltimore as well.

Go to the official Club Queen Online Store to find out more about K-Swift, and to get the best CLUB music online period. Just listen to the first song in the mix after her drop to see what im talking about!!!!!!


K Swift - Club Queen Jumpoff
K Swift - Official Page
Unruly Online Official Page aka The Best Place To Buy CLUB Music Online Period!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Rap

Lots of new rap coming out in the next little bit. Really excited about the Kardinal Project, cant wait to hear more. Kardi rapping nice and hard on here bwoy!

Kardinal ft The Clipse - Set It Off

This is a little bit older (atleast in blog terms, which is like a month) but i havent really seen it floating around all that much and figured it deserved to get out there. Nice, mellow cover of a classic.

The Pharcyde - Passin Me By (Hot Chip Remix)

Swizz always doing it real nice for the clubs, heres the instrumental as well. Oh yeah a guy named T.I. raps on here too!

T.I. ft Swizz Beats - Wave Your Rag

T.I. ft Swizz Beats - Wave Your Rag INSTR


Friday, July 4, 2008


I knew there was going to be a million remixes of this song, but once i heard it the idea jumped into my head right away. Even with all the versions, there arent that many really good uptempo edits. This one bangs pretty well i must admit, and all the melodies are played by me.


Lil Wayne - A Millie (ILLO ELECTRO RMX)

Sorry, No Sex For Ben!

Its been a while since i posted an edit that ive done, so here ya go! Because this song hasnt really officially been released yet (its on GTA 4), alot of people are sleeping on it. I think its got really wide appeal for different dancefloors, and i tried to make it even more dancier by speeding it up alot and thickening up the punch to it. The chorus sounds alot better with the 4x4 kick on it, and the intro & outro drums are fun to play with too! Thanks Timbaland!

The Rapture & Timbaland - No Sex For Ben (Illo Edit)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Surprisingly Smooth!

WOW. i never would have guessed this. I realize i didnt pay much attention to all the Rich Boy music that was released last year along with his huge commercial smash, but this came out of left field. Some smooth ass VIBE music to bump early in the night.

Rich Boy - Haters Wish