Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just Fine (Illo Dj Tool)

I know this songs a little cheesy, but i kind of like it. I took it and added a proper intro, and drums to beef it up for the clubs. Its been working well so far, cuz who doesnt like some dancey Mary J. right?

Mary J Blige - Just Fine (Illo Club Mix)

Friday, December 21, 2007


So, i must say, i'm extremely jealous/proud of our homie Tom Wrecks here at the Stylusts ... Tonight he will be opening up for the infamous Mstrkrft @ Riva in Toronto!! If you didn't already know, I'm a huge Mstrkrft fan (i've recently changed my dj name to Drstrkrft) so this day is epic for me and i'm not even the one playing! For those who missed it, a little ode to the genius that is Mstrkrft!

Drstrkrft Mstrkrft Mix


Let's just say, Ottawa has been blessed in the month of Decemeber. First, in collaboration with Jokers of the Scene, we brought you Klever & Tiitsworth. Then we brought you Stretch Armstrong, Pase Rock & Eli ... now this! You all know our homies Team Canada. it's no mystery anymore. Let's do it up big after that turkey dinner!

Curtis Vodka

Well, it's been a minute since i've posted. I'd like to say i've had no time, but that would be a lie. Holidays are a busy time of year, but that's still no excuse! With that said, i've been wanting to write about my good homie from the north (even more north than us, how is that possible?), Curtis Vodka. I once had a dream that i met Curtis Vodka in Calgary of all places (weird, i know) and we went to his crib to make music on probably the most ghetto studio setup in the world. When i told him about my dream, i was suprised to learn that it wasn't that far fetched. When he explained to me his setup at home i kind of chuckled, but then started thinking... how could this dude make such incredible tunes with little to no equipment?? Well, i don't know the answer to that question, but he most defiantely can! Here's some favorites of mine that our good homie Curtis has blessed us with! Enjoy!

Curtis Vodka - Her Name Is Miami

Curtis Vodka - French Girls

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stretch, Eli, Pase & Stylusts!

Video of the NormL Xmas party that went down in Ottawa on Sat.Dec. 15th, 2007. We DJed alongside Stretch Armstrong, Eli Escobar, and Pase Rock. Thanks to all that came out!
Video by Andrew Szeto.

Friday, December 14, 2007

This Saturday!

Check us out this Saturday along with heavy weights Stretch Armstrong, Eli Escobar, and Pase Rock.
SAT. DEC. 15, 2007
Babylon NightClub. Ottawa, CANADA.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I might be a little bit late with this one but for those who don't know, now you know! Sta remixes Joe Budden's Fire. He uses the essential ingrediants for this perfect club banger: a Busta Rhymes chant, combination of electro synths, with a touch of b-more bounce to it. This is a banger!

Joe Budden - Fire (Sta Remix)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Barcelona Got Some Heat

We just received this serious electro stomper from overseas and i thought id share it with y'all. Dont know much about these guys, but if they keep it up im sure their sound will continue to leak over to North America. The Mendetz use old synths to create a sound they call "Casiopunk" and this remix commes in from a duo called The Requesters. With only a couple remixes available, watch for these guys to make some serious noise in the future. Both artists have alot of music up on their friendster pages so hit the links and check em out!

Mendetz - The Boola (Requesters Hard To Find Remix)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Random Rips Vol 1

Since im sort of known as the vinyl guy in the crew, (plus im the only one not lazy enough to actually rip these old things - haha cheap shot y'all) Im going to start doing a by-weekly post of rare vinyl rips from my collection. All kinds of music will be included, and these will be guaranteed gems!

For Volume 1, i figured id try to cover something different than whats up on here right now. We've posted way too much bmore, hiphop, and mashups already (barf!) so im going to switch it up and post a great house record. My brother and I used to rock this one all the time - this is an absolute floor starter. How can you not go wrong with a Patrice Rushen sample right? Plus it has a great minimal remix from Alan Braxe on it. Heres both versions. Ladies will thank you!

I Feel Good Things For You (Original Mix)

I Feel Good Things For You (Alan Braxe 1 Remix)

Oh What A Night - Toronto!!!

This party looks bananas. My Toronto fam better all be there!!! Look at the lineup in all 3 rooms.