Monday, October 27, 2008

NY Radio

I remember back in the day when i would go to NYC, i would bring my own radio tape deck so that i could record the radio shows that i heard all weekend long. I used to bug out on the new tunes they played. Nowadays........... Not So Much! I listened to the radio this weekend, and only heard like 6 songs the entire time i was there. Repeat, repeat, repeat...... OMG someone kill me. Its a shame really.

There was one bright spot to all this. I heard a song by these girls who i had never heard before, and it featured a verse by this guy which is pretty nice. I also made a little edit that goes right into the rapping. Im sure we'll all be sick of this song in a moment so enjoy it now while you can.

Download: Illo's Just The Rapping Edit

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Truth Revival

Thanks to all the party people who came and rocked the night away with us at Revival. Also big shouts go out GMMF for sharing the stage with us. The best part of it all was hanging with the tdot fam, and listening to my Truth Radio show before going out. If you want a copy for yourself then here it is.

Download: Team Canada Presents: The Truth Radio - Dj Illo 18.10.08