Friday, February 29, 2008

Illo Swagger

If you are in Toronto tomorrow night, this is the party to be at!!!
Saturday, March 1, 2008
Blak (178 Bathurst St)
Toronto, Canada

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let's Go To War

Being that we're from Canada, we like to report on all things Canadian whenever we can. All within the last week, i've had conversations about these dudes with numerous people, and even received two emails containing links to tracks so i figured id share with y'all. Let's Go To War (Dj Cirkut, Jet Brown & Sonny G) signed on with Jr Sanchez at Last Gang Records and have definitely been making some noise in the Toronto scene. Distorted dance music, vocoders, rapping, stuttering effects - all the equations of a catchy electro song these days! The latest offering from them is an official Universal release for a remix of Jully Black's "Until I Stay". Hit their myspace and check out more tracks. I'm expecting some pretty big things from these guys in the near future!

Jully Black - Until I Stay (Let's Go To War Remix)

Let's Go To War - The Life We Live

Let's Go To War - Push Up Yr Lighter

The Truth

I haven't posted a radio show on here for a while, so i thought i would put up this weeks show (which runs tonight on FLOW 93.5). A nice little mix of hiphop, funk, and dancey stuff as usual - with alot of my own edits. Eventually i'd like to post some older hiphop radio shows from my days on "The Monday Night Manifesto", just have to work on digitizing the old tapes. Big shouts to my man Techtwelve who held down the show with me!

Dj illo - Truth Radio Show 02.23.08

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tonight! Treasure Fingers!

He is the dude of 2008 and it's only February! It's no question that Treasure Fingers is going to be making serious moves this year. He's just recently signed to Fools Gold Records (alongside our fellow Ottawa brethrens, Les Jokers De La Scene) and is about to drop his single for "Cross the Dancefloor". He's perfected the disco and electro sound and melted them together to make dancefloor mayhem that no one can resist moving to. The Stylusts will be playing alongside Treasure Fingers on February 22nd at Babylon Nightclub in Ottawa for our Straight Goods monthly presented by the homie Iggy and Drastik. This is gonna be the jam of all jams! See you there tonight!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Records (yes they still exist)

And yes, you should still go buy them. Thats the great thing about new "hipster' records - they only come out on vinyl for the first few months. So if you wanna have the jump on other djs, you gotta go out and buy them first. Personally, The Stylusts are fans of Turntable Lab, so we'll be posting links to their site (although theres probably other great shops carrying them as well). Lets get into it!!!

Kid Cudi - Day & Nite

New Fools Gold release from up and coming rapper Kid Cudi. We've been playing this record since our friends the JOTS hit us off with the exclusive. This thing slams! The Jokers Of The Scene are from Ottawa too, but are quickly becoming the busiest, most in demand producers in the world. No Joke! Their hard, rave, take no prisoners house music is viscious for any party. Go cop it!

T&A Presents : The Chedda EP

For djs who play gigs to make that chedda. These are remixes of "club friendly" tunes that people in commercial type clubs can get down with too. Tittsworth & Ayres bring slammers (obviously) and also inlist help from Mano, Top Billim, Dave Nada & Dj Dub. The Mano "Lady" has been a staple in our dj sets for months. Every track on here is useful. Now run along!

Top Billin Ep Vol 2

This isnt officially out yet, but our European club killers were nice enough to send it over and let us have a listen. Theres some serious fiya on here. Top billin bring a couple jems, as well as Ayres, our homey Anonymous and Raziek & Pataassa as well. Remixes of GNR, 2 Live Crew and others here make for a must have jam. Show some love to our Helsinki Brethren. Head over to their store to get more goodies too!

Fools Gold Records
T&A Records
Top Billin Music
Turntable Lab

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random Rips Vol 4 - "Peter" Breaks

When i was about 16, i was really into "partybreaks" because back then i didn't know much about sampling, but i knew that the good ones had all these amazing samples blended with recognizable hiphop beats. Basically i didn't know shit - come on it was 12 years ago! Peter "At Work" Presta was my favorite at the time, he was KILLING shit. I didn't know anything about him, but when i saw the cover i knew it was a hit. I used to play these all the time - funny though i never heard too many other djs playing them. Maybe they were considered lame, i'm not too sure. To me these still sound fresh today. I had 2 of the 12's, and then they came out with the compilation so i had to cop it as well. Here's 2 of my favorites from the comp.

Peter "At Work" Presta - It's Yours '96 Remix

Peter "At Work" Presta - Just Throw Your Hands

You can still find this record (barely) if you follow Presta's discogs page

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vodka Wiggle

Another gem from Alaska's Curtis Vodka!!! He samples the soul-funk sounds of The Brothers Johnson's "You Make Me Wanna Wiggle". You might also recognize the sample from Justice's "New Jack".

Monday, February 4, 2008

Nowhere To Run Halifax - Double A Related

I first heard about the homey Double A back in the mid nineties when i met him in Montreal with my homey Rob Brown and Jordan Dare. So long ago that he doesn't even know we met probably. Nowadays he's in Halifax throwing great parties and making really cool edits. I play his older stuff all the time still. If you were too lazy to follow the earlier links, then here's a new offering from him.

Head on over to his myspace and say wazzup, and thank him for partying with The Stylusts!

Dj Double A - Nowhere To Run Remix

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stylusts in Halifax!

We are playing our first official Stylusts show of 2008 in Halifax this Thursday, Feb. 7th @ The Marquee Club on 4x Turntables!

Big ups to the Fast Times fam for making this happen.
We can't wait to party with everyone in Halifax!

Click here for more info!!!

Discobelle & Stylusts Trafik Show Mix

Discobelle runs shit. We all know that. They've been really supportive of our movement, and recently asked us to do a mix for the "Trafik Tradeshow" in Miami. You can cop the cd if you're in the South Beach area this week, or head on over to Discobelle to cop the download.

Big ups to Discobelle and Greg in Miami.

Stylusts Trafik Tradeshow Mix @ Discobelle